Common Culprits of Blocked Drains

A blocked drain is most definitely one of the dreaded problems of many homeowners. It is a major inconvenience and a headache! If you think putting off regular plumbing check and maintenance for your home will save you time and money, think again! The best way to avoid expensive repairs and maintenance costs is to call professional Plumbers In Birmingham.

Finding and fixing drainage problems when they’re smaller and easier to put back into working order can save you plenty of headaches and of course, thousands of dollars down the line.

Many drainage problems at home aren’t so obvious, not until they give you a problem. This is the reason why, having your drainage system checked regularly will help you save big bucks. Why wait till it’s too late?

What Causes Blocked Drains


Human hair is usually one of the common causes of blocked bathroom drains in most homes. Make sure that your sink and bathroom floor drains are protected with a trap. Floor and sink drain blockages are also caused by build-up of soap and crystallised grease that can cause drains to overflow. If you have tried fixing the problem using drain cleaning products and blockages weren’t dissolved, call a professional plumber right away, as this may be caused by a broken sewer line filled with dirt, which requires attention right away.

Paper Towels And Sanitary Items

Another common cause for clogged drainage are paper towels, sanitary napkins or tampons which should be thrown in garbage bins and not flushed down the drain. You can try using a plunger to de-clog your toilet, but in most cases, doing so will just leave you tired and frustrated.

Tap Roots

Large trees around your property can also cause clogged drains. Their growing roots invade pipes causing a blocked drain. Pipe build-up will not only slow drainage, but it can also damage plumbing system and burst the pipes.

Regular drain cleaning is a great way to avoid plumbing issues. This process is an effective way to ensure the proper functioning of your drainage system, as well as, prolong the life of your homes’ plumbing system. So, if you got problems with a blocked drain, you need not worry. Help is available from Plumbers In Birmingham. These professional plumbers can get to the source of the problem and fix it right away.

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